We Are In For A Hazy Sunday Evening Finale

HAZY RECOLLECTIONS WEBHazy Recollections features a bevvy of musical talent from home and overseas – so a stirring finale to this year’s Glasgow Americana Festival is guaranteed.

Host again this year and head honcho is, Findlay Napier – whose latest album, VIP Very Interesting Persons has enthralled fans and critics alike this year.

Keeping him company will be Nashville-based, Sam Lewis, Edinburgh’s Dark Green Tree and Cera Impala, who is a Scottish-based American singer/songwriter.

Sam Lewis is filling the Sunday matinee slot at this venue as well – but you can’t get too much of such a fine performer with great tales delivered with a soulful voice. Waiting On You – his sophomore album released in April this year – is emotional, rich and a joy to listen to.

Dark Green Tree are Jay Brown, Ross Cockburn and Cera Impala – and their brilliant Secret Lives album, produced by Boo Hewerdine, is easily one of 2015’s best releases. It is played masterfully while the songs are simply quite beautiful.

Cera Impala, born in Arizona, is a multi-instrumentalist who wields a mean banjo. Performing in a timeless manner she’s stylish, sweet and gritty whenever the song mood demands.

Over the years, Hazy Recollections has become an increasingly potent and popular feature of Glasgow Americana.

2015’s intriguing line-up boasts artistes who are clearly lighting up today’s music scene.

What better way, then, than for them to bring the curtain down on this year’s festival.



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