NEWS UPDATE: Kathryn Joined By Magic Number

MAGIC NUMBERSTwo superb artistes who mostly star in their own shows are coming together for a sparkling co-headline date at this year’s Glasgow Americana.

Kathryn Williams with Michele Stodart (The Magic Numbers) will both be in full flow and featuring songs from their new albums.

For her latest release, Hypoxia, Kathryn was inspired by Sylvia Plath’s book, The Bell Jar. She has a gentle voice that is loaded with an underlying edge and steeliness.

Folk Radio UK wrote: “Kathryn Williams has brought great sensitivity and empathy to her writing of the nine songs on Hypoxia.”

Michele’s second solo album – title not known at time of writing this – has been recorded at Abbey Road studios, a follow up to her beautifully-composed debut album, Wide-Eyed Crossing in 2012, which one critic described as “a southern-drenched journey into Americana country blues.”

Michele is a terrific performer whose live shows make a huge and lasting impression on all who are in her company.

With two such talents sharing the spotlight, a memorable evening is in store for all.


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