Jason & The Scorchers plus The Dirty Beggars

Jason and The Scorchers’ 30th Anniversary Tour will include a night of celebration in Glasgow.

 The Lifetime Achievement Award Winners For Performance from the AMERICANA MUSIC ASSOCIATION will play on the opening night of this year’s Glasgow Americana Festival and celebrating a 30th anniversary

The Oran Mor gig by one of Nashville’s best-known rock outfits on October is a blistering to way to get the Festival under way.

Their lastest CD release, “Halcyon Times” has been a hit as it’s every bit as dynamic and mind-blowing as their vintage work.

It’s widely recognised that no one ever leaves a Scorchers’ show without having strong opinions about it – people either want to feed them or fight them, and both extremes have happened regularly.

Jason and The Scorchers are not only celebrating thirty years of creating music, but also still expanding that creative envelope, still in command of their legacy.

The Dirty Beggars are an outfit from Central Scotland, with the music of the Appalachians running in their blood. Five boys born in the wrong country, their brand of down and dirty bluegrass has been electrifying crowds all over the UK. Comprising of guitar, banjo, fiddle, mandolin, harmonica and double bass, The Dirty Beggars are one-of-a-kind in the UK


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